Mindflight7 started most humbly in a garage in 2019. (It’s why we like to say we’re a ‘Garage Brand’). It was in that garage, that our founders had a lightbulb moment about the future of education and the stunning positive impact that virtual reality could have for learners everywhere. Our belief in what we are doing has never been stronger.

As a high growth Australian virtual reality company, we are always seeking new people to join our truly fantastic team. Don’t worry - you don’t need to know a thing about VR at all. Some of our team come from a VR & Events background but others come from a diverse section of industry including teaching, career guidance, sports, aftercare, technology and communications, university (students and lecturers), youth work and hospitality. We will train you in all you need to know and you’ll enjoy it too! So whether you're an experienced educator, career specialist, student or anyone else with energy, natural curiosity, a desire to do positive and meaningful work and a passion for new technology, we would like to hear from you. Right now we are looking for both senior and junior team members in a number of roles. For example, the role of ‘Virtual Reality (VR) Technical Events & Project Coordinator’ would be a flexible role for those who enjoy engaging with high school students and taking them through amazing VR career and educational learning experiences. Being positive and people focussed as well as a natural troubleshooter is essential for this role. Wherever you may be in Australia, if you like the sound of a job with Mindflight7 then please contact us now and we will get back to you!

Chief Executive Officer
Kajal is a true and experienced entrepreneur with a proven track record in developing and operating innovative, fun educational learning enterprises. Prior to Mindflight7 Kajal founded Dreamcity, an educational theme park in Melbourne targeting primary school children and tourism markets. As our much loved leader, Kajal is ultimately responsible for all aspects of Mindflight7 project management and can always be relied upon to fill the room with laughter and uplifting positivity.
Mindflight7 Director
Yuan holds a Bachelor of Commerce - Management and Marketing and founded Mindflight7 with other team members in 2020. As both an entrepreneur and our easy going Finance and Business Director, Yuan constantly dreams up clever business strategy while he dots the i’s and crosses the t’s in the company. He is a key decision maker who is also responsible for operations strategy and financial management.
VR Experience Director
In a team of entrepreneurs Yang is yet another natural in the Mindflight7 team working day and night to develop amazing interactive experiences. He presents a fantastic and unusual skills mix that includes significant software development in combination with excellent communication and analytical capabilities. An accomplished problem-solver, Yang has an obvious love of and knack for technology, finding content opportunities and tech solutions in equal measure.
Creative Project Director
Chris is a highly experienced communications technology and brand marketing specialist and (yet another!) entrepreneur with around 20 years experience. He has developed scores of new brands and companies over his career and joined Mindflight7 to develop the brand, positioning, marketing approach, integrated communications, social media and PR strategy and partnerships. Chris also has a wealth of long term direct experience in tech start-ups, technical product management and software development which compliments his experience in marketing and communications allowing for his input in areas such as platform functions, design and user experience.
Careers / Morrisby Coach and HR Manager
Another proven innovator and entrepreneur with a fantastic long-term track record, Kelly has developed and sold businesses in HR & Training, Recruitment and Career & Executive Coaching for almost 20 years. A Certified Careers Coach with additional qualifications including Masters of Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Graduate Certificate in HR Management Bachelor of Arts, Kelly’s role with Mindflight7 includes all training, human resources, career coaching, recruitment & selection and collaboration with schools on career based programs.
Programs Manager
Jacqui is our bright and friendly education specialist, a passionate and enthusiastic teacher motivated to maximise the potential of every student.
Jacqui holds a Bachelor of Applied Science and a Bachelor of Teaching at The University of Melbourne. Having taught with the department of education since 2006 she brings a wealth of experience, specialising across a range of roles including visual arts, instrumental music, sports coaching, early intervention programs and tutoring for advanced learning. Her wonderful dynamic range enables Jacqui to connect with all people, inspiring and motivating everyone!
Technology & Events Lead
Tom has been fondly categorized as a Tech-head’ for his entire life, with a long history of tinkering with (read: breaking several!) devices built on an internal drive to discover what makes them tick, whir, hum, jump and run smoothly. Having developed a genuine interest in events while completing his Bachelor of Arts (Music Industry) at Melbourne’s RMIT, Tom entered the world of VR in 2016 and has now become a specialist VR guide for newcomers. This experience and a splash of junior cricket coaching, makes Tom an excellent facilitator and lead VR guide with Mindflight7, helping high school students navigate towards their life goals, and giving them the opportunity to be the absolute best they can be.
Education Expert & Advisor
Tim is a veteran of the education sector and has been instrumental in successfully leading and managing various Australian school communities. His most recent positions have been as Principal of Middle Park Primary School and as a consultant to the Department of Education and Training working across various secondary and primary schools in Victoria. Tim offers a progressive approach to education with his experience and insights into the future of education being applied at DreamCity, an Edutainment physical city for Primary School students. He has also had considerable input at Mindflight7 a Virtual Reality (VR) incursion model for High School students to see their futures. As an active Advisor and Education expert to Mindflight7, Tim helps the team around how best we can empower students in their studies and careers using progressive tools, emerging technology and new experiences.
Our team are excited to hear from you! Please contact us to discuss the Mindflight7 experience for your high school.