The Mindflight7 Experience
The Mindflight7 virtual reality experience is not only safe, fun, educational and inspiring it is also curriculum specific, focused on realistic career guidance across Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics subjects (STEAM) as well as vocational training experiences. As demonstrated by the interactive experiences we offer, and the example of our own business, Mindflight7 also promotes entrepreneurship and digital economy jobs in IT, project management, software design, industrial design and game design to students. While the majority of our VR experiences are attached to STEAM curriculum, we also offer practical workplace training experiences. A number of them are also designed to provide full inclusivity and accessibility for high school students of all abilities.

Mobile Incursions into High Schools
The Mindflight7 mobile incursion model is designed to be fully adaptable. One of our Flights (sessions) might focus on one area of curriculum for a class (eg. Biology) or multiple Flights in a day covering a range of STEAM career experiences for an entire year group of students . We are highly equipped to offer customized Mindflight7 experiences based on the needs and focus of the high school and its students or we can present our own pre-structured multi-experience program developed by our Mindflight7 team of educators and career specialists.

While our virtual reality mobile incursion model is a popular delivery choice for school based career education and learning, we also have a number of additional delivery models for schools.

Please contact us to discuss the range of Mindflight7 virtual reality career exploration delivery models you can offer your students.

You can review a small sample of some of our most popular VR career exploration experiences below. Make contact today to find out more or to book a test flight.

Career Inspiration
Using VR technology acts to fully immerse students in their learning by simulating trips to exciting places, connecting them with ‘experts’ in their field and providing virtual ‘hands on’ learning opportunities that may be otherwise difficult for schools to offer. We eliminate many of the classroom boundaries relating to interaction and distance and allow our students to immediately explore a range of artificial worlds, moving around and within it, and interacting with virtual features, items or people. This experience feels nothing like work and students enjoy the learning process itself, increasing motivation and attention.

Our experiences are designed to allow students to travel to far off places on ‘virtual’ field trips. Students we work with might find themselves in any number of exciting and challenging scenarios, including performing open-heart surgery, being thrust into the International Space Station (ISS) for a surreal, weightless space-science focused astronaut experience or studying the oceans in an environmental science career focused ocean acidification experience. They might be asked to compose music using abstract shapes that can be visually built and arranged, introduced to various ‘experts in their field’ or meet each other as an avatar group discovering the amazing collaborative and connecting possibilities that VR can provide. By experiencing the range of possibilities that virtual reality allows, students are compelled to look towards the future - one that may even consider a career in VR programming and development.

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Additional student career services and resources
Are you a student who has had a virtual reality career inspiration experience with Mindflight7? We hope you now have a much better idea of the type of career you might really take off in! Please check out these links to further resources that will assist your career decision making and flightpath!