In today's environment, we take health safety extremely seriously. As such, before, during and after any Mindflight7 incursion event, the Mindflight7 team follows our Covid-19 safety plan to ensure our personal wellbeing and the wellbeing of all people in our orbit.

Our Covid 19 incursion safety process and procedure includes:

  • Recording our presence at an incursion venue.
  • Sanitising hands before, during and after incursions.
  • Providing hand sanitiser for students and teachers to use before coming into contact with our VR headsets or other contact equipment (pre-flight).
  • Wearing of non allergenic (non latex) disposable gloves by our team and by any persons who may come into contact with our VR headsets (all students and sometimes teachers).
  • Disposal of all gloves into a sealed bag at incursion end point after each flight.
  • Using sanitary wipes to disinfect all VR headsets and other contact equipment after each flight (after the use of headsets).
  • Keeping students and our team socially distanced during flights.
  • Not working while experiencing any cold or flu-like symptoms, however mild they may seem.
  • Practising a very high standard of general hygiene.
  • Recording our safety process during an incursion for our records.