With today’s average person working across seven different careers in their lifetime, Mindflight7 are here to help all Australian and New Zealand high schoolers take-off towards career one.

The unique Mindflight7 virtual reality learning method activates and excites secondary students with relevant career direction and subject specific educational experiences delivered using immersive VR technology.

Our range of delivery models including in-school incursions and longer term integrated VR programs, take our virtual reality based education and career experiences directly to high school students wherever they may be. In this way, we provide Australian and New Zealand high schoolers with contextualized VR learning programs - immersive learning experiences that are unhindered by location or high cost, helping guide even the most remote students in their future decision making today. All high schoolers can now experience the reality of what it might be like to work in a particular field, without having to leave the classroom. This is a virtual window on work that takes students on a mental and physical journey into exciting worlds they might otherwise never consider or get a chance to experience to help assist them with subject based learning, subject selection and more focused, relevant career choices.

The Mindflight7 delivery models and our range of curriculum aligned VR experiences are designed to help every high school student comprehend educational concepts in an entirely new and engaging way and choose a career pathway relevant to their strengths, interests and potential. This is how Mindflight7 allows any high school student to see their futures today.

Mindflight7 have a range of pricing and career program delivery options that are developed and priced to be accessible to all high schools in all areas. Our incursion model is highly adaptable and may include one subject focused session exploring a specific topic or area in virtual reality (eg. Biology, Physics, Chemistry, History etc) or multiple sessions in a day covering a range of subject based or STEAM career education experiences. We also provide a longer term structured VR career and education program for highly innovative schools who wish to fully embrace and integrate the power of VR into their school offer.

All delivery models provide for customized Mindflight7 experiences based on the needs and focus of the school and its students.

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Our Mindflight7 team is highly passionate, experienced and driven by purpose. In developing this company we aim to create a full spectrum of positive impacts: social, economic, environmental, cultural and intergenerational.
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Our virtual reality systems provide contextualized career inspiration programs and immersive learning experiences to high school students, helping guide their future decisions.

We transport our students into new worlds of opportunity through our incredibly engaging, even entertaining, content and interactive platforms. Our ‘learning by doing’ experiences are custom designed to match job realities and unlock the vast potential of tomorrow for the students of today. This exciting new reality-based learning model is one of the first of its kind, with Australia and Mindflight7 pioneering this emerging area of immersive career guidance.

Immersive interactive experiences are some of the most powerful methods of educational delivery but until Mindflight7, there were no VR based STEAM career-focused offerings that would allow students in any part of Australia to experience the genuine flavor of real career scenarios before their VCE/VCAL years. ATARs can be too academic in nature and do not tap into the potential of simulation technology. Mindflight7 lifts these restrictions and provides a new resource to high schools across metro and regional Australia whose teachers may struggle to present this type of futuristic learning experience themselves. Our mobile technology delivery model seeks to help students everywhere learn and find their passion and pathway through being more informed about their future choices by experiencing them now. The inclusion of real-world industry-relevant education via our focus on STEAM, industry connections and understanding of the careers of the future greatly heightens the relevance and value of Mindflight7 to our students and country. It compliments their post ATAR decision-making journey with practical wisdom, career knowledge and personality, making a real difference to their future readiness.

We believe opening young minds and providing positive inspiration is key to developing not just future jobs for students, but better citizens. As a scalable and agile ‘pop-up incursion’ model, our flight into the high school education arena also aims to add genuine new IP to the nation by inspiring young Australians to pursue not just the brightest careers, but the most in-demand careers. Mindflight7 brings jobs, skillsets and career directions to life and takes them to students everywhere to act as the catalyst to a career or learning lightbulb moment for students of any age.

Pop Up Incursions
Our mobile ‘pop-up incursion’ based service will arrive at your high school or any central location accessible to your students, with our range of STEAM focused virtual reality career experiences. We work with secondary high school students, offering a range of amazing STEAM career inspiration experiences while in the background we constantly work on creative development and testing of new experiences to add to our ever-growing career inspiration repertoire.

Mindflight7 incursion sessions can last 90 minutes or more. While students enter and discover brand new worlds, we are also focused on experience quality monitoring and feedback to ensure continuous operational and experiential improvements. Finally as a consistent procedural precaution the incursion team will always have non tech reliant back up focused activities in case of any critical technical system failure.

Please review our Covid 19 incursion safety plan points here.

Virtual Reality
With cutting edge interactive simulation technology blended with reality based career experiences Mindflight7 is an unbeatable mix of education and sector specific job insights for high school students that shows them that the possibilities are exciting and endless.

Key Objectives

  • Provide career inspiration: We aim to add value to educational institutions and industry by inspiring Mindflight7 high school students to be more and to do more, to go further and beyond their current knowledge base. We help prepare them for take-off in the right direction.
  • Assist as career guide: We aspire to build trust in our students, helping direct them along their best flightpath into the industry and world that is most suited to their personal aspirations and interests.
  • Inspire more female STEAM participation: With the number of qualified female leaders shrinking, Mindflight7 is taking action to level the playing field for girls, to create equal opportunities and to relieve gender bias issues. We actively focus on girls' schools and aim to continuously help promote female leaders across industry to our school age female leaders of the future.
  • Complement national education curriculum: working with content and educational advisors including academics, commercial sector subject matter experts and school educators we ensure genuine relevance to today’s education system and career opportunities. As such we add significant value to high schools, integrating with and complementing the current Australian education system and making Australian students more ‘future-ready’.
  • Increase opportunities in regional and remote areas: with a range of different delivery models designed to meet the needs of all students, Mindflight7 is fully focused on ensuring its reach extends well beyond metropolitan areas and into the most remote regions, giving equal opportunity to all high schools and their students across Australia and New Zealand.

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Student career services and resource
Are you a student who has had a virtual reality career inspiration experience with Mindflight7? We hope you now have a much better idea of the type of career you might really take off in! Please check out these links to further resources that will assist your career decision making and flightpath!